Germany: Freiburg stadium lands naming rights before opening

source: [MK]; author: michał

Germany: Freiburg stadium lands naming rights before opening In the first years of its operation, the new stadium in Freiburg will bear the name Europa-Park Stadion. This comes as culmination of 30 years of partnership with the theme park.


Yesterday the official naming rights partnership was revealed in Freiburg im Breisgau. Because neither side decided to disclose the value or even duration of the contract, we can only confirm that the newly built stadium will be called Europa-Park Stadion in the first several years of its existence.

As for details, there are only hints and estimates available. The deal is surely longer than 2-3 years because it was stressed by SC Freiburg board member Oliver Leki that a contract of such short duration wouldn’t be beneficial for either side.

Europa-Park Stadion, Freiburg

When it comes to value, we only know that the average Bundesliga naming rights deal is roughly €2.4 million. Because of the pandemic’s limitations, this one could be below that level. However, it will most certainly be worth much more than the current Schwarzwald-Stadion naming, estimated at €500,000 annually.

Europa-Park is a natural fit for SC Freiburg as commercial partner. The park lies just 40 km away and has been sponsoring the club for 30 years now. Its owner, Roland Mack, a local himself, has had a season ticket for SCF games since 1993.

Europa-Park Stadion, Freiburg© Andreas Schwarzkopf

Yesterday Mack indicated some unusual features may become part of this latest partnership. For example, SC Freiburg fans might expect discounts when visiting the theme park. Interestingly, packages might also be offered to away fans, which would, in Mack’s view, help stimulate local tourism further.

For now, this isn’t solid. What is solid is the expected opening date. After several delays Europa-Park Stadion is expected to open on October 7, during a league break for international games. A friendly game against Sankt Pauli is planned on that day. The first competitive match will follow on October 16 or 17, against RB Leipzig.

Stadion SC Freiburg© Klaus Polkowski, Freiburg

You may recall, until a couple months ago it remained uncertain when the stadium would open. It was initially expected to be handed over a year ago, in August of 2020. But the pandemic and technical issues on site caused that and further deadlines to slip. Only in October will the 34,700 capacity venue be opened.

The project was contracted at the price of €76.5 million (currently $90m), while surrounding infrastructure has consumed further €55 million ($65m).

Author: Michał Karaś