Euro 2020: English fan rushed to hospital after fall

source: [MK]; author: michał

Euro 2020: English fan rushed to hospital after fall A very serious accident happened during the game between England and Croatia. A fan fell from the upper tier onto stands below. He was taken to hospital in serious state.


While you may have seen some fans falling over after the winning goal at Wembley today, the most dangerous fall happened long before, just as the game was beginning. A fan fell from upper tier onto the one below.

At this moment we have no information as to where the fan was actually situated. If it was the uppermost tier, such fall would have been extremely dangerous due to greater height between levels. If it was the second tier, at least in theory the distance was smaller and the situation might not be as threatening.

Wembley National Stadium, London© Thorsten Weidinger

In any case, the accident is very serious as it was confirmed by Wembley’s operator that the supporter was rushed to hospital in serious condition, having received first aid on site.

According to initial witness statements, there’s no clear cause of the fall. However, fans on site suggested it took a long time for emergency services to reach the person.

We will continue to work with UEFA to ensure the matter is fully investigated and we are continuing to monitor the situation. a Wembley spokesperson said.

Author: MK