New design: Third Division team with €45-million stadium?

source: [TS]; author: Tomasz

New design: Third Division team with €45-million stadium? Less than four years ago, the club was re-established and started from the fifth division. It is currently competing in Ligue 3 but wants more. The sports development goes hand in hand with investments in infrastructure. In three years' time Club Atletic Oradea may play at the new stadium.


Champions of Hungary and Romania

The club's traditions date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Nagyváradi Atletikai Club was founded in 1910 and became part of the Hungarian football structures. In the 1943/44 season they even won the Hungarian championship. How is it possible?

Before World War I, the lands of what is now northwestern Romania belonged to Austria-Hungary. When the borders changed after World War II and Oradea found itself in Romania, in the 1948/49 season its football team won the national championship under the name ICO Oradea. Over the years, the name of the club has changed many times.

No wonder that the club with such a unique history was re-established in 2017. Step by step, it rebuilds its sports reputation and invests in infrastructure. In 2020, the stadium for 16,291 seats was designed.

Stadionul Municipal Oradea© Primaria Oradea, Dico și Ţigănaş

Its architects are Dico și Ţigănaş studio, known for creating the concept of Stadionul Municipal Târgu Jiu. It was the source of inspiration for the new facility in Oradea. Stadionul Iuliu Bodola, where the white and greens are currently playing, will be demolished upon completion of the new venue.

Stadium as part of sports complex

The construction of the venue will be financed from public funds. €34.26 million will be  allocated to the stadium itself. The total amount including the hotel (€7.88 million), underground parking lots and the public square around the stadium (€3.54 million) should amount to €45.68 million. All the above-mentioned facilities will be surrounded by the greenery of the park.

Stadionul Municipal Oradea© Primaria Oradea, Dico și Ţigănaş

The works are to start in the summer of 2021 and take about 3 years. The feasibility study was approved at the City Council meeting, but this is not the end. The project must receive support from the committees of the Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration, as well as the National Investment Company. Additionally, the municipality has to expropriate the plots for the stadium belonging to the local developer.

The facility will be part of a sports and recreation complex located between Făgărașului and Traian Blajovici streets, as well as a sports high school and a zoo. The zoological garden will be moved to another location and the site will be transformed into a park.

In addition to the stadium, the complex will include a multi-purpose hall and a swimming pool. All new buildings will be connected to existing ones, such as the aforementioned sports high school and university campus.

Stadionul Municipal Oradea© Primaria Oradea, Dico și Ţigănaş

What will the new stadium look like?

The stadium will have a compact shape with the main entrance located on the west stand. Next to the main entrance there will be a large square where fans will be able to gather before the match. From the side of the square, the building will be visually higher and appropriately lowered to the east. A hotel with 48 rooms and a conference centre connected to the stadium will be built in the north.

The area to the north and the vast majority of the east will be surrounded by a park. Various sports facilities will be located on the south-eastern side. They will create a parking lot for 150 cars in the basement. There will also be an entrance to the facility for athletes, media and VIPs. Entrances for fans will be located on the ground floor of the stadium and will be accessible around the perimeter of the venue. There will also be a foyer on the ground floor.

Stadionul Municipal Oradea© Primaria Oradea, Dico și Ţigănaş

The three stands will be single-story, with the exception of the west stand, which will be three-story. However, not all seats on it will be available to ordinary spectators. On the first and second floors there will be e.g. VIP area. The press and TV stands will be located on the third floor. At the highest point, the third tier of the west stand will be 14.85 metres.

All stands will be roofed and the canopy will be opaque from above. Slightly below, the facing of the stands on the inside of the stadium is to be transparent. The lighting will be under the roof to avoid light pollution of the area. Upon completion of the works, the venue should receive UEFA category 4.

Author: Tomasz Sobura