England: London Stadium introduces new solutions, including cashless payments

source: StadiumDB.com [KT]; author: Karol Tatar

England: London Stadium introduces new solutions, including cashless payments Multipurpose venue at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park introduced a few significant upgrades. Cashless payments, sensory room and LED system transformation has been delivered together with return of the fans.


Cashless payments

Recent upgrades at the 60,000 seater have been made with technology in mind. The first presented below refers to the cashless solution. Installed features transform the venue into a fully ‘cashless’ stadium. It allows fans-friendly, convenient and contactless points of payment, providing the latest hygiene and social distancing measures. This applies to the merchandise and snacks transactions.

Graham Gilmore, CEO of the London Stadium, explained: “The event industry has to be proactive in responding to the situation we find ourselves in, to create a safe and convenient environment for people to return to our venues”.

London Stadium© Queen Elizabeth Park

There are significant benefits of cashless services. It does refer both to the fans and all food and beverage merchants. Implementing contactless cards, wearables, digital wallets or QR codes improves the stadium experience and will influence on the security and logistics aspects. From a spectator’s point of view it is crucial to miss less of the action or the show. Cashless systems definitely reduce queueing time at bars and restaurants, increase speed of service and improve hygiene, especially at the full house.

Sensory room

In March of 2020, the stadium was equipped with specially designed space for fans with additional needs, non-visible disabilities and with sensory processing issues. Those who might find the experience of a soccer game too loud or overwhelming will be able to gain access to a special sensory room. Such places offer lower lighting, soft furnishings and sensory equipment such as bubble machines.

The new sensory room was developed in close cooperation with external experts and disability-related institutions. It offers a range of calming sights, sounds and devices. All managed on matchdays to help fans adapt the atmosphere of the London Stadium. Similar space has been provided at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester.

London Stadium© London Stadium (via Twitter)

LED transformation

Musco Lighting has been chosen as the main provider for the customizable LED system. As the market leader with great experience (previous works at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Wembley Stadium, San Siro and Aviva Stadium) has installed custom systems utilising its Total Light Control—TLC for LED™ technology. The investment is mainly about system customisation which will adapt to London Stadium’s unique architectural features. The installation of a state-of-the-art LED lighting system improves visibility and uniformity on the field of play, without creating disruptive glare. The new system lets concert organisers get better lighting effects and show experience during the summer months.

“As a venue, we pride ourselves on giving the visitor the best possible experience, regardless of the occasion” said Graham Gilmore. He explained more: “The upgrade to LED lights allows us to do that across our multi-event calendar, ensuring we meet the highest standards of sports and concerts at the stadiums. We are excited to welcome fans back to enjoy the improvements when it is safe to return.”

London Stadium© London Stadium (via Twitter)

London Stadium's LED installation will enable it to meet lighting standards to host a variety of sports and events. The system will offer special effects and light shows, allowing to reduce the energy consumption (even more than 50%) and maintenance (long-term warranty that covers all parts and labour).

Additionally to the mentioned upgrades fans will be able to enjoy other improvements at the stadium, which have taken place during lockdown. In August London Stadium operator confirmed that the long-awaited conversion of lower end sections has been completed. The new seat configuration brings the seats a little bit closer to the pitch and is more versatile when transitioning for summer concerts and sports. What is more, high efficient WiFi will improve connectivity across the stadium, enabling fans to enjoy free, fast and stable download speeds of up to 30mb/s.

Fans returned to the venue during the matchday 11 for the game between West Ham and Manchester United in the Premier League. London Stadium welcomed 2,000 spectators then. It was constructed specifically for the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2012 Summer Paralympics.

Author: Karol Tatar