England: Kevin won but won't be the name...

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

England: Kevin won but won't be the name... Disappointment is an understatement but it would be wrong to blame Forest Green Rovers for not naming their stadium Kevin. After all, they had said from the start that season ticket holders would get the last word.


You may recall, 12 days ago Forest Green Rovers have launched an online poll to select the best corporate name for their New Lawn stadium. Among the proposals was the name Kevin, which immediately became popular among supporters.

In the end Kevin got 81% of the 4,428 votes and quite some media recognition. We're a small site somewhere in Central Europe, so who cares. But TV presenter Jeff Stelling promised to give the stadium a mention every week if the final name is indeed Kevin. The poll itself also earned a mention on popular panel show Have I Got News For You.

But the stadium will not be named Kevin. “Thankfully, Forest Green Rovers season ticket holders had the final say, and 86% of fans went with the innocent New Lawn.” Forest Green Rovers wrote in a statement.

When they took to social media to announce the decision, they added: “Thanks for all of your weird and wonderful (mostly weird) suggestions!”

Forest Green Rovers - innocent New Lawn is the new name© Alan Feebery