How stadiums can keep up with tech demands

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How stadiums can keep up with tech demands How can stadiums keep up with tech demands of fans and the increasing tech involvement in elite sport? Learn about stadium apps, 5G and more here.


Professional sport has slowly opened its door to more tech involvement. The prime example is the Premier League. From what was once squabbles over whether the ball crossed the line or debates about offside decisions and red cards, all of this is now taken care of with technologies, virtual referees and additional cameras.

When more tech is being applied on the field, the stadium as a whole needs to keep up and cater to the tech demands of fans. But what are these tech demands and are stadiums currently doing enough?

Starting Simple with Improved WiFi

One of the biggest problems for huge stadiums is being able to provide a reliable internet connection for everyone. The biggest issue is making the internet speeds fast enough when most fans will use it at the same times (before the game or half time).

Most fans try to kill half time boredom by browsing social media, having a bet, grabbing refreshments or playing games on their mobile. But that becomes problematic without fast internet for everyone. But now 5G is in the building.

Stadiums could easily enhance the experience of everyone by offering superfast 5G connectivity and making half time a joy rather than an internet headache.

Tauron Arena

Stadium Applications for Improved Engagement

Improved internet speeds for huge crowds could also result in stadium applications that fans have on their smartphone. They may be stadium apps or apps connected to their team, but either way, they could increase fan engagement.

Fans could use these apps as a place to vote on matches, share views or even better, order food and drinks to their seat. This has been rumoured to be a plan at Tottenham Hotspur FC after a new deal to make their stadium more tech centered. The stadium already includes its own brewery.

Interactive Advertisements

Stadiums are packed with advertisements because it is a significant revenue stream for stadiums and the teams that own them. But these adverts are usually static and uninformative to fans, despite some tech boards making them animated and more noticeable around the side of the pitch.

However, these advertisements could become better if stadiums use tech to power them and become more interactive. They could include scan codes to make the adverts come to life on fans’ smartphone devices, and in doing so, the adverts could be personalised for each fan.

Renewable Green Energy

Some stadiums are now boasting solar panels to make them friendly to the environment and cut the running costs of these megastructures. One example is the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Usually, with vast amounts of roof space, stadiums can harness renewable tech to generate its own energy effortlessly.

But many stadiums are not doing enough. Only a handful of stadiums have added solar panels to their stadiums. This may be out of aesthetic principle, but new renewable tech makes collecting solar power less noticeable, including the use of solar power windows. Stadiums should aim to incorporate these new tech developments in the near future.