Everton's stadium on track despite recent changes

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Everton's stadium on track despite recent changes Although its initial primary architects has lost his job, the new Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium is on track. Even the mayor of Liverpool assured everyone there's no risk of Everton not getting the long-desired stadium.


Between Liverpool FC's championship, irresponsible gatherings and attacks on the Liver Building, attention would have been entirely taken away of Everton. However, the club has recently cut ties with renowned American architect Dan Meis, following his years of work on the new stadium design. This led to widespread comments, especially with Meis having published a strong-worded comment on his twitter.

However, the stadium project hasn't been shelved by no means, another major architectural team took over: Pattern. Known for involvement in the challenging Qatar 2022 projects, Pattern are working on the technical design along with general contractor Laing O'Rourke. In his interview for Capital Liverpool News, mayor Joe Anderson has confirmed there should be no cause for concern among the Toffees fans.

Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium

“What I can comment on is that Everton Football Club are on track to build the stadium. I spoke to Farhad Moshiri a couple of weeks ago and everything is fine.

“Everything in that respect is going to the plan they have in place. Clearly Covid has delayed that a little bit but I guess by the end of the year we'll see activity taking place on the site if not beforehand.” mayor Joe has said.

With that in mind and the recent Merseyside derby already behind, fans now should worry most about not being able to attend games. While Prmier League is back on and you can once more sign up and get welcoming bonuses with betting operators, even season tickets for the next season are still nothing certain.

As things stand, full lockdown is once more instituted locally in Leicester, though in most of UK the situation seems to be stabilising. No final decision on admission of fans has been taken by league authorities but the 2020/21 season is likely to see a limited attendance at best, far cry from what English stadia have got the global audience used to.

It's also said that COVID-19 has caused the biggest hit to British economy in 41 years. So should we really feel safe about the new Everton stadium going forward? According to mayor Anderson, both the city and club are determined to make the project a reality. Especially in the current situation it's important to follow through with major projects, which will bring benefits for decades, long after the coronavirus crisis is over.