Stadium of the Year: Popular Vote 2nd – Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

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Stadium of the Year: Popular Vote 2nd – Tottenham Hotspur Stadium It's impressive in many ways, but even with the involvement of Spurs fans it didn't reach the top of our Popular Vote. Still, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium proudly takes 2nd place in this year's global vote!


It's the only stadium that was selected almost equally as the first and last of your top fives. Nearly 6,500 people made it their second and third choice, too. And despite numerous 5-star ratings, it wasn't enough to reach the very top of our Popular Vote. What was missing? Perhaps enthusiasm among Spurs fans, who have had their share of worries recently, already before European football came to a grinding halt.

That said, 12,795 votes cast in support of this stadium means that over 40% of all voters included Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as one of their top five. When a stadium gets over 1,500 votes from Indonesia, 1,000 from Slovakia and nearly as many from Argentina – you know it impresses people worldwide. As confirmed by the list of 108 countries indicated as source of votes by our system.

No wonder. Tottenham's new ground isn't just home to one of global football's top brands. It's not just the most expensive private stadium built in Europe. It's also the first in history to have two fields at the same time, one of them able to hide in a garage right under massive single-tier stand holding 17,500 people. Then comes its unprecedented fan experience with a first-ever microbrewery, spacious concourses and atria, as well as compact bowl to create intimidating atmosphere. So its second place is much deserved!

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