Mexico City: Cruz Azul not looking for new stadium?

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Mexico City: Cruz Azul not looking for new stadium? Already before the pandemic reached Mexico, Cruz Azul have signed a 2-year extension of their stay at Estadio Azteca. But, what is more important, in almost two years no plot for a new stadium was found.


When Cruz Azul were leaving their old home at Estadio Azul in 2018, return to Azteca was advertised as short- to medium-term solution. Though the club had previously enjoyed their golden age at the Coloso de Santa Úrsula between 1971 and 1996, the preferred idea was to build a new stadium.

However, earlier this year Cruz Azul have negotiated a 2-year extension of their lease, which will now run into 2025. “We are progressing first in the contract renewal with Estadio Azteca, which we will gladly do because we feel comfortable and it will be for 2 years. We returned home after being 21 years at Estadio Azul. The 25 years we spent at the Azteca was the golden age in the 70s.” said chairman Guillermo Álvarez.

Meanwhile, early estimates suggested 3 years might have been enough to deliver the desired private stadium. What has turned out since the club's relocation, however, is that it's extremely difficult to secure a site suitable for a project of this magnitude within Mexico City.

According to sports director Jaime Ordiales, as of now the new project is on hold. Not only because of short term turbulences like the coronavirus pandemic, but also because of other factors, like real estate and land prices in Mexico City.

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