Munich: Grünwalder Stadion revamp taking shape

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Munich: Grünwalder Stadion revamp taking shape Until late February local residents may comment on plans to redevelop the famous Grünwalder Stadion. Meanwhile once more a tenant of the ground may be forced to relocate.


Starting last Friday, the consultation process is ongoing for planned expansion and reconfiguration of the stadium at Grünwalder Straße. For exactly one month, until February 24, local community can get information and voice comments on the proposed development.

As indicated previously, the major change is expansion from 15,000 to precisely 18,105 spectators at peak. But if you think only addition of roughly 3,000 places in planned, you're wrong. Here's a better overview of what should happen, based on the study by Albert Speer + Partner.

The stadium's vast western curve, currently holding some 8,800 standing fans, will decrease in size by 900. In return, however, it will gain roof over all of the terrace. The south stand will see major reconfiguration, which will boost its capacity to 4,100, for the first time all covered.

Grunwalder Stadion

The east stand, despite having been built only in 2014, will see expansion by 6 meters upwards. This way it should nearly double in capacity, to under 3,000, also with a roof over fans' heads. The north stand, which is the most modern one today, will see decrease in number of seats to 3,300 (by some 1,200) but in return brand new corporate hospitality facilities will be created there.

Altogether, the changes are expected to enable 2. Bundesliga games being played here, should any of the host teams secure promotion. Fans will enjoy better facilities throughout the stadium, starting with new crowd circulation and gates.

Meanwhile residents will be interested to hear that an option of enclosing all corners with acoustic walls is taken into account. This would mitigate the biggest fear, of excessive noise on matchdays.

Ladies left but still too crowded

As we wrote last year, the stadium was among the most used in Munich's football. It hosted TSV 1860, Bayern's reserves and ladies, as well as regional league's Türkgücü.

The women's team was relocated since then to the new Bayern campus but things will get complicated again in mid-2020. Türkgücü are almost certain of promotion to 3. Liga, which means all three tenants would play on the same level. With fixtures possibly clashing, suggests Bayern II is likely to move away.