France: Bastia stadium waiting for salvation

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France: Bastia stadium waiting for salvation After years of underinvestment the standard of Stade Armand Cesari is dramatically low even in the VIP area. Supporters demand action and forced all mayoral candidates to come up with a strategy for the stadium's short term future.


It's a massively important stadium in the history of French football not just because of Corsican classics, also due to the 1992 disaster that claimed 18 lives and destroyed many more. But at present very pragmatic concerns surround Stade Armand Cesari. The ground hasn't seen major upgrades or repairs for the most part of this decade.

For fans of SC Bastia decided to intervene. Socios Etoile Club Bastiais are using the ongoing mayoral campaign to demand solutions from candidates. The fans' association released an open letter, which in a few days received answers from each of the candidates running in the March election.

While election promises are nothing particularly solid to go by, it's still a very good move by SECB to get all candidates on the record, addmitting something has to be done at the ageing stadium.

Among proposals offered by candidates are general upgrades of the stadium, new giant screens, extension of the roof (currently only partial cover of two stands) and wind protection.

The latter solutions are particularly needed as the current layout is very much open. While Bastia doesn't lie within the rainy heart of Corsica, it's very exposed to high winds. In mid-December strong gusts prevented a game from being played because safety of fans could not be assured.

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