Liverpool: Pattern joins Meis Architects to deliver Bramley-Moore

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Liverpool: Pattern joins Meis Architects to deliver Bramley-Moore London-based practice Pattern is to take over from Sheppard Robson as the delivery architect on Everton FC’s £500m Bramley Moore Dock stadium. The company will thus work alongside Dan Meis' team, who have been on the job since 2017.


While Dan Meis is charismatic and his work speaks of his skills, the American architect is now about to be aided by second major brand in stadium design. Pattern is replacing Sheppard Robson as the delivery architect.

The London-based practice is perhaps most famous for one of the Middle East's most lavish stadia, Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain. But their work goes much further, spreading between Lima's 2019 Pan-American Games venues, through Manchester's Etihad Stadium to Qatar's Al Rayyan Stadium, currently entering final stages of construction.

Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium© Everton FC, Meis Architects

In a recent post on his website, Meis wrote: “Approximately £100m of our budget will be spent on preparing the site in such a way that we can build the stadium without damaging the historic fabric of the dock. That means the remainder of our construction budget must be spent with extreme efficiency. Fortunately, the magic of Goodison isn’t about fancy clubs and cheese shops but rather historic stands, steep, tight, and right on top of the pitch. It is a notoriously intimidating ground for opposing players and that is what we intend to bring to Bramley Moore.

“It is a labor of love and I feel a great responsibility to live up to the unparalleled history of this club and her generations of passionate fans.”

The Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium is expected to hold 52,000 spectators, which makes it one of the most prestigious projects for both Meis and Pattern. It's also among the most fascinating European projects in upcoming years, hopefully to see groundbreaking in 2020.