New stadiums: Sevilla & Alcorcón

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New stadiums: Sevilla & Alcorcón Two goals in the Champions League final, two new stadiums from Spain. Yes, we celebrate the hosts rather than winners, especially since we have Anfield covered. Now, please welcome Estadio Jesús Navas and Estadio Santo Domingo to StadiumDB!


Estadio Jesús Navas, Sevilla

The idea of creating Sevilla FC's own training complex was born in early 1960s for a very simple reason: the club only had Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan's field to play and train on. By 1968 team president José Ramón Cisneros Palacios managed to acquire over 120,000 m2 of land in the south-eastern outskirts. The complex was named precisely after Palacios.


Following expansions the sports city grew to 250,000 m2 and incorporates 10 playing fields. The most important one lies in the east and became the unofficial stadium for Sevilla's female team and reserves (under the name Sevilla Atletico).

The club left enough room around the stadium to fit a full size stadium for the first team, however such plan was never fully pursued. Instead, the field was surrounded with largely empty oval space and only a modest grandstand in the west to accommodate the few spectators coming here.

Situation began changing in the 21st century, following Sevilla Atletico's ascend to the upper leagues. By 2008 extensive facilities for players were delivered behind the south goal. When the team reached Segunda División in 2009, large temporary stands had to be built in the north and east to meet capacity requirement.

But the largest change so far followed in 2016-2018, when new western grandstand was delivered. It's the first permanent, concrete structure, offering 2,600 covered seats and further players' facilities.

Interestingly, the main field was named Campo del Viejo Nervión, which refers to the old Nervión stadium, Sevilla's home between 1928 and 1958. But in 2018 decision was made to rename the venue. It's no longer a 'campo' (field) but finally a stadium and it honours Jesus Navas, who broke record of appearances with over 450 matches for Sevilla since early teens.


Estadio de Santo Domingo, Alcorcón

Built west of the centre of Alcorcón, this stadium lies in the suburbs of Madrid, just a stone's throw away from the team's previous home. It's part of the town's main sports precinct. Along both sides of the stadium are two training fields, while the main athletics stadium lies to the south, along with swimming pools and tennis courts.

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Initially, upon opening in 1999, the stadium was able to hold 2,800 people. Within a decade, to reward AD Alcorcón's progress, expansion was approved. Envisioned to bring the size up to 5,800, the stadium ended up with 5,100 seats, owing the growth largely to the addition of a second tier atop the east stand.

That phase ended up in 2014. It was planned that both ends also would be expanded to reach the required 8,000 for Spain's second league (with all seats preferably covered), however the plan was put on hold in the end.

Estadio Santo Domingo's regular schedule is filled largely by AD Alcorcón's league and cup fixtures, however it also played host to several internationals. In 2013 Spain and Russia held a U21 friendly here, while in 2015 Spain and Israel contested a qualifying game in American football here.