Aberdeen: Kingsford financing to be sealed in a year

source: EveningExpress.co.uk; author: michał

Aberdeen: Kingsford financing to be sealed in a year As enabling works are to begin on the new Aberdeen FC football stadium, club vice-chairman assures the project's funding should be secured within the next 12 months, more or less.


If you visit Aberdeen and approach it from Kingsford in upcoming days, you may notice new floodlights erected. These won't serve Aberdeen FC's new stadium, rather the first of its training fields. The football academy should be delivered this autumn, most likely in October.

Earlier, already during the summer, remediation and earth works for the second phase, which is to include the stadium, should be done. However, construction of the stadium itself isn't likely to begin immediately.

Kingsford Stadium

Speaking to the Aberdeen Evening Express, vice-chairman Dave Cormack assured the club should have the funding in place within a year, roughly. “Then there will be a number of vehicles we will use to get the investment.” he said.

“We will get to that over the next 12 months and look at what the best series of avenues will be. I have access – and I’m not the only one – to a number of friends in the US who love football, or soccer as they call it.

“We have work to do to get the £50m – but it is doable – but we can’t do it without help from the fans.”

While Cormack didn't say exactly how the 50 million could be raised, US investors/creditors are likely to contribute only a fraction of the budget. Remainder would come from the possible sale of Pittodrie, perhaps also naming rights.

As of now, Aberdeen FC hope to get the new stadium ready for the 2022/23 season.