England: Luton plans won't be called in

source: BBC.com; author: michał

England: Luton plans won't be called in The biggest remaining threat for Luton Town's stadium plans is no more. Secretary of state decided not to commission a review of the Newlands Park planning permission, which would have delay the project.


Housing and Communities Secretary James Brokenshire decided the plans for Newlands Park, greenlighted in March, did not need to be reviewed. Had Brokenshire called in the plans, it would seriously delay the commercial plan, which is to finance Power Court, Luton's new football stadium.

Luton Town Power Court Stadium

Newlands Park was met with serious opposition from local retailers as it is feared that it could suck commercial activity from the centre of Luton. The development will form a new gate to Luton, being placed next to junction 10 of the M1.

Importantly, the plans can still be facing a judicial review, so the way to Luton's new stadium might not be over. However, all decisions of authorities so far suggest the green light is more likely to stand also in court.

Luton Town Power Court Stadium© Luton Town FC