Miami: Beckham sheds light and wins (some) support for stadium

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Miami: Beckham sheds light and wins (some) support for stadium Ahead of the official presentation on Thursday David Beckham and his MLS ownership group have released first images of the proposed stadium and leisure precinct. Stunning, surely, but also aimed at publicity for the project. And successful at that, it seems.


Yesterday David Beckham and his MLS partner Jorge Mas have both revealed first images of what would be Miami Freedom Park. That's how they rebraneded the Melreese Country Club golf course, which would be transformed into Miami's prime leisure hub.

Among promises are 'the usual' elements, including guarantee of private funding, thousands of new jobs (as many as 11,000, which seems stunningly unrealistic) and millions in tax revenue (as much as $44 million annually). A 25,000-seat stadium, 4,000 parking places, largely underground, hotel with 750 beds and numerous commercial outlets are part of the scheme.

Miami Freedom Park

After dozens of similar promises in other cities across the US having failed to deliver, we're quite sure this one wouldn't be welcomed too enthusiastically. However, it also envisions Miami's new prime leisure destination open to all, including 23 acres (9 hectares) of football academy fields and a total of 110 acress (44 hectares) of permanent green space.

Which may be why the opinion-leading columnist Greg Cote of the Miami Herald appealed to the Miami commissioners to give Beckham the green light and put his project on the November ballot.

Miami Freedom Park is also a hint about the future club's name. Recently the brands Miami Freedom FC / United were registered as trademarks.

Regardless of the project's details (we should treat the renderings as preliminary only), it's high time for the Beckham MLS franchise to gain shape, following four years of rejected stadium proposals.