England: Torquay announce new stadium for 10,000 people

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

England: Torquay announce new stadium for 10,000 people A brand new versatile stadium at the heart of English riviera? It's possible, already with backing from mayor of Torbay. Torquay United would move to what could be a 10,000-seater with option of expansion.


When Clarke Osborne took over at Torquay United, many supporters had mixed feelings. Osborne remains somewhat controversial to this day, but he promises to stay at the club and build a stable league-level side in Torquay.

His latest promise came just yesterday evening, during a public forum with mayor Gordon Oliver. Chairman Osborne announced the outline vision of a new stadium, which would be built in Torquay with private funding. The budget is currently loosely estimated to be in the £30-40 million range (€34-45m) as architectural and consultancy work is at an early stage.

Osborne's company Gaming International is expected to be the leading investor, but not the only one. Aside from football use, the stadium would be joined by a hotel and other functions. Possibly a residential estate as well, depending on market demand, subject to further analysis.

The stadium itself would hold 10,000 people (over 3,000 more than current Plainmoor) with option to expand. It would also be available for conversion to indoor-event mode. Most likely by reconfiguration of part of the seating and curtains, not a closing roof.

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