Aberdeen: Kingsford stadium opponents filed for judicial review

source: EveningExpress.co.uk; author: michał

Aberdeen: Kingsford stadium opponents filed for judicial review Sunday was the last day for opponents to submit their appeals against the proposed Kingsford Stadium. 'No Kingsford Stadium' managed to file their papers late on Friday, meeting the deadline.


Anyone wishing to oppose the ongoing Kingsford training complex and stadium scheme had time until yesterday to file their appeals. As expected, the vocal No Kingsford Stadium (NKS) group managed to meet the deadline, having filed their appeal on Friday.

Kingsford Stadium

NKS demand judicial review of the entire planning proceedings as they feel they've been let down as residents by their local council.

Diane Reid, a NKS director, said: “We wish to thank all those who have supported us. We believe Aberdeen City Council has failed in its duty to properly determine this application. We are confident that the court process will bring independent and impartial scrutiny to the decision and that we have a real prospect of success.”

It's now up to the court to decide whether a judicial review claim is valid in this case. If it is, such evaluation will be launched. Regardless of its outcome, it would mean significant cost to taxpayers. If successful, the review could lead to the entire project coming to a halt, following July groundbreaking, at least temporarily.