Qatar 2022: Seating manufacturer selected for further stadiums

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Qatar 2022: Seating manufacturer selected for further stadiums The Supreme Committee selected the Qatari-Polish consortium to equip Lusail Stadium, Ras Abu Aboud Stadium and Qatar Foundation Stadium. The joint-venture will provide seats for 6 out of 8 World Cup stadiums.


Organisers of the 2022 Qatar World Championship in football have decided that seats by Forum Seating, a brand that belongs to Nowy Styl Group, will fill three more stadiums being built for the sports tournament: Ras Abu Aboud (40,000 seats), Lusail (design yet to be revealed, 80,000 seats) and Qatar Foundation (40,000 seats). The seats will be manufactured by Nowy Styl Group's partner in Qatar, Coastal Qatar.

Al Wakrah Stadium

Cooperation between Nowy Styl Group, one of the European leaders in equipping office and public spaces, and Coastal Qatar began last year. The Group gave Coastal Qatar a license to produce Abacus stadium seats and shared its technological know-how, supporting the construction of a modern factory and the launch of production in the Middle East. The Championship organisers on the Supreme Committee this time last year chose Coastal Qatar as the manufacturer of 140,000 seats for 3 of 8 stadiums for the 2022 World Cup in football.

Al Wakrah Stadium

In late March organisers decided that three other stadiums – Ras Abu Aboud, Lusail and Qatar Foundation – will be equipped with seat models licensed by Forum Seating (Abacus and Omega) and premium seats manufactured in Poland (Oscar VIP, Abacus Gold and Silver).

“Equipping three more stadiums with our solutions means huge commercial success, but it also confirms the effectiveness of our cooperation with Coastal Qatar. The technology transfer at the implementation of production, as well as the ongoing support for the factory, ensure the project is being realised at the global level; the seats manufactured in Qatar meet the highest quality standards. At the same time, we are also carrying out deliveries from our factories in Poland, which allows us to meet all deadlines.” says Jakub Rachfalik, Managing Director of Forum Seating.

“Considering all the linguistic and cultural differences in our international team, the situation may seem difficult. However, after one year of cooperation, I can say that we understand each other perfectly and we are happy to deal with new challenges together.”

“Obtaining the seating projects for 6 out of 7 new stadiums being built for the 2022 Qatar Championship in football is an unprecedented achievement for our partnership and a testament to the confidence on our state-of-the-art seat production facility in Qatar.” says Nishad Azeem, PMP and CEO of Coastal Qatar. “Jakub and his team have been instrumental in our ability to execute these complex projects that involve multiple stakeholders. We believe the synergies with regards to our focus on quality and customer service will make our partnership smooth and transparent.”

In addition to the folding Abacus seat models, the stands at the new stadiums will be equipped with Omega shell seats (the same seats the football fans sat on during the World Championship in South Africa).

The Omega seats will be mounted directly to the metal structure, which will be part of the upper stands at the Lusail, Qatar Foundation and Ras Abu Aboud stadiums. After the Championship, the stands will be dismantled and used (whole or in modules) to create facilities for sports events in other locations. In this way, the Qatari Supreme Committee will contribute to the development of the whole country and support the development of sport in African countries.

In total, seats by Forum Seating will be used to equip 6 stadiums being built for the 2022 Qatar World Championship in football. In addition to the stadiums already mentioned, the seats will be assembled at Al Bayt (60,000 seats), Al Rayyan (40,000 seats) and Al Wakrah (more than 40,000 seats). The project for the last stadium being built for the sports tournament ‒ Al Thumama – has not yet been settled.

Each of the 2022 World Championship stadiums incorporates elements of Qatar's cultural heritage, nature and development. This architectural concept is complemented by projects involving the colour arrangement of the stands.

“When arranging stands, it is key to understand the local conditions and create something exceptional. We suggested three colour concepts for the Al Wakrah stadium, referring to a traditional boat used by pearl divers. The first one, green and blue, reflected Qatar's nature (mangrove forests and sea water, the elements characteristic of the city Al Wakrah). The second one, brown and gold, combined the motif of a finishing boat with the dunes surrounding Al Wakrah” says Jakub Rachfalik.

And the third one, blue and white, symbolised the movement of sea waves that determine the rhythm of the city's life on the coast. The organisers selected the last concept. You can see it below:

Al Wakrah Stadium

Recently, the organisers have chosen red and white seats with a lion motif for the Al-Rayyan stadium. Third approved layout, for Al Bayt Stadium, can be seen here:

Al Wakrah Stadium