Glasgow: SFA to buy Hampden outright?

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Glasgow: SFA to buy Hampden outright? After having threaten to leave, now the Scottish FA is negotiating complete takeover of Hampden Park. If the deal doesn't happen, moving national team games to Edinburgh remains the most viable option.


The Scottish FA is looking into the possibility of buying Hampden from Queen's Park Football Club, according to today's news by the BBC. The governing body are in talks with the League One club about taking ownership of the national stadium.

However, the possibility of buying Hampden remains one of several options under consideration by the SFA, with moving to Murrayfield (national rugby stadium) also in the frame.

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Previously there were two more options under consideration: Celtic Park and Ibrox. However, in January the board of SFA decided not to move Scotland's international games to either of the Old Firm stadiums.

The SFA's 20-year lease for the national stadium expires in 2020, with a renewal option. In 2017 the Scottish FA had suggested a relocation is likely, which would put Queens Park FC in an extremely hard position. The amateur team doesn't need or could not afford to retain their massive stadium without SFA's matches.

Was that threat just a negotiation tactic? We shall see as the talks develop.