Belgium: Club Brugge again closer to new stadium

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Belgium: Club Brugge again closer to new stadium The Flemish Government has today approved the new Brugge urban area plan. It paves the way for Club Brugge's 40,000-capacity new stadium. It should be ready in 2022.


Joke Schauvliege, the Flemish minister for environment, nature and agriculture has today confirmed that new zoning for Brugge is now approved. The plan demarcates six major zones in Brugge, one of which is one, Blankenbergse Steenweg, is where Club Brugge's new stadium is planned.

The plan allows for the new sports venue to be built, which finally gives a green light in terms of zoning. Club Brugge still need to file their planning application before construction can commence on what is expected to be a 40,000-capacity stadium. It should also provide 7,200 parking spaces for cars and as many as 4,000 for bicycles.

New zoning has already been approved back in mid-September but it then had to undergo legal consultation and is only now about to come into force. The plan still has to be published in official public bulletin, Belgisch Staatsblad.

Club Brugge's effort to leave Jan Breydel Stadion date well over a decade back, though the current scheme for Blankenbergse Steenweg is only 4 years old. Should everything go forward as planned from now onwards, the club should move in around 2022. The project is expected to be funded entirely privately.

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