UEFA: Madrid, Baku, Istanbul and Budapest take 2019 finals

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

UEFA: Madrid, Baku, Istanbul and Budapest take 2019 finals Champions League final awarded to Wanda Metropolitano, Europa League goes to Baku's Olympic Stadium, Women's Champions League to Groupama Arena and the UEFA Super Cup to Vodafone Park in Istanbul.


Earlier today UEFA announced the final selection of hosts for all 2019 club competition finals. Despite speculation in recent days that Wanda Metropolitano didn't satisfy UEFA's demands in terms of hospitality, the new stadium of Atletico was given the hosting rights to the 2019 Champions League final. The game is scheduled for June 1.

The only other contender for this game was the Baku Olympic Stadium, which in turn was awarded the Europa League final. Europe's second most prestigious competition will end on May 29, just three days before the Champions League final.

Istanbul is one of the bidders left out for the Europa League final, but the Turkish metropolis was instead awarded the Super Cup game, which will take place at Vodafone Park on August 14, 2019.

Finally, the Women's Champions League will see its final played in Budapest's Groupama Arena. That game's date is still to be established.

With the selection for 2019 made, let's remind everyone that the 2018 finals will take place in Kyiv (Champions League and Women's Champions League), Lyon (Europa League) and Tallin (Super Cup).

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