Germany: Magdeburg stadium will undergo revamp

source: /; author: michał

Germany: Magdeburg stadium will undergo revamp The city council decided to run a major reconstruction of MDDC-Arena in order to allow supporters to jump in the stands safely. In response the fans announced they will cofinance the project.


Yesterday the city council in Magdeburg approved the more expensive of available variants to solve safety issues at MDCC-Arena. In case you missed it, late last year it surfaced that the stadium was prone to potentially catastrophic vibrations when fans all jumped in unison.

Jumping was thus banned until a safe solution is found and now that solution is selected: the north stand and away section will all be strengthened statically in order for the atmosphere to be back to its peak at 1. FC Magdeburg games.

That's not all, though. All seats in sections 1-7 (north stand and its corners) will be removed, creating a vast terrace for over 10,000 people, potentially up to 13,000. This way overall capacity of MDCC Arena will grow to roughly 30,000.

All of the above-mentioned works are expected to cost €5.9 million. While the funds should be included in the 2018 and 2019 municipal budget, 1. FC Magdeburg and its supporters already announced they would support the project financially as its main beneficiaries.