Hamburg: HSV revoke season tickets of 600 fans

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Hamburg: HSV revoke season tickets of 600 fans The Bundesliga team decided to cancel season ticket privileges of roughly 600 people who attended „significantly less than 12 games” of the past season.


In the last game of the finished Bundesliga season Hamburger SV managed to avoid relegation play-off, pushing their rivals VfL Wolfsburg to that unfortunate position. Their game was watched by sell-out crowd of 57,000. Or it would have been, but 950 season ticket holders were absent at Volksparkstadion.

It wasn't the first time for such a situation to happen, which caused HSV to reconsider their season ticket policy. In accordance with Permanent Working Group Fandialog the club decided to revoke season ticket privileges to some 600 people who showed up „significantly less than 12 times”.

VolksparkstadionPhoto: Reinhard Kraasch (cc: by-sa)

This means their tickets were unused for more than a third of all league games, despite HSV's policy allowing to share season tickets with family and friends.

It's thus considered that such fans are blocking their seats from more frequent use and will not be able to prolong their season tickets for the 2017/18 campaign. They may still buy a season ticket, simply not at a preferential rate.

Such policy shift makes HSV the third Bundesliga team to introduce minimum attendance requirements for season ticket holders. Bayern was the first team to set such regulations back in 2014, later followed by VfL Wolfsburg.