Aberdeen: Fraudulent submissions in stadium consultation process

source: EveningExpress.co.uk; author: michał

Aberdeen: Fraudulent submissions in stadium consultation process As of now over 30 people acknowledged that someone used their personal data to participate in Kingsford Stadium consultation process.


At least 31 people have queried Aberdeen City Council about an acknowledgment to a letter of representation they did not submit. The submissions were in relation to plans to build a 20,000-seater stadium near Westhill.

It was previously reported that some opponents of the scheme were trying to artificially inflate number of opposing submissions in order to derail the proposed stadium. By late February this year almost 9,000 letters were sent, roughly half supporting the proposed Aberdeen FC stadium and just slightly less against it.

Now the comments are being analysed. The Dons lodged an application with the city council in January for the £50 million scheme near the Aberdeen bypass. Plans for the 25-hectare site include three professional training pitches, two community 3G pitches, a community pavilion, a gym and an AFC heritage museum.

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