Dortmund: Away fans offered beds after attack

source:; author: michał

Dortmund: Away fans offered beds after attack After Borussia's game against AS Monaco was rescheduled due to terrorist attack, locals offer beds at home to supporters of the French team.


As players of Borussia Dortmund were leaving their hotel and heading for Signal Iduna Park on Tuesday evening, three explosives were detonated. The club bus is noticably damaged, but only one player suffered from any injuries. Catalonian centre-back Marc Bartra has cut his hand with glass from the bus shattered window, but no other injuries were revealed.

At Singal Iduna Park is seemed to be business as usual with very few details clear about the explosions. Not to induce panic stewards welcomed supporters at the stadium only for them to later hear the announcement that the Champions League game against AS Monaco is rescheduled for Wednesday, 18:45.

This left hundreds of French supporters with the dilemma whether to leave or get a place to stay and still attend the rescheduled match. Twitter began buzzing with the hashtag #bedforawayfans as two Borussia supporters, Simon and Fabian, began organising places to stay for strangers.

The hashtag was quickly noticed by Borussia's official twitter account and numerous other fans offered their apartmants to strangers from Monaco, beginning with 1 and sometimes hosting groups of over 10.

While very similar to other 'emergency' hashtags from after terrorist attacks, it's just one more reminder that football colours should only divide fans to some extent.