Shanghai: Serious fire damages Shenhua stadium

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Shanghai: Serious fire damages Shenhua stadium Current club of Carlos Tevez won't play the next home game at home. Hongkou Stadium was seriously damaged by a fire earlier today.


Clouds of black smoke dominated the Shanghai skyline earlier today as fire broke out at Hongkou Football Stadium. As of now the cause is unclear, but according to the police it's likely that the fire started at the stadium's rock-climbing section.

What's clear is that severe damage was done to the facade and several floors of the infrastructure before the fire was extinguished. It also reached the roof membrane, a section of which will have to be replaced.

Hongkou Stadium

However, it's believed that none of the primary stadium structure has been compromised. The stands and roof themselves should be safe, pending further verification.

Because the fire broke out above one of the main entrance/evacuation routes between Hongkou Stadium and the building's main rail station, it's not yet considered safe to host the next game here.

However, Shanghai Shenhua, current club of Carlos Tevez and Obafemi Martins, might be able to run necessary repairs in time, because their first upcoming home fixture is scheduled for April 16. Preliminary evaluation suggests the game will be held as planned.