Barcelona: Cruyff celebrated in three different ways

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Barcelona: Cruyff celebrated in three different ways Legendary football player will be included in the names of new training stadium and a street beside Camp Nou. Johan Cruyff will also have a dedicated section in FC Barcelona's museum.


It was a year since Johan Cruyff passed away on Friday. No wonder that FC Barcelona and Cruyff's family had a press conference scheduled for yesterday. However, it did not take place due to the death of Agustí Montal i Costa, who had signed Cruyff for Barcelona back in 1973.

That's why the event was rescheduled for today and we found out several hours ago how exactly Barca plan to honour Cruyff. After talks with his family it was decided that FC Barcelona's new secondary stadium will be named Estadi Johan Cruyff (formerly known as Mini Estadi).

Estadi Johan Cruyff

Aside from that FC Barcelona will ask for the Barcelona city council to name one of the streets in direct vicinity of Camp Nou to be renamed after Cruyff. And the third way is devoting a section of Barcelona's museum precisely to Johan Cruyff. It would display, among other items, Cruyff's Ballon d'Or of 1974 and his no. 9 jersey.

Barcelona's move, even if delayed by a day, is still well ahead of Amsterdam, where the popular demand to rename Amsterdam ArenA in honour of Cruyff is stuck.

Despite several declarations of goodwill from Ajax Amsterdam and the city of Amsterdam, the name remains unchanged, supposedly due to potential naming rights deal. Adding Cruyff's name would apparently reduce the commercial potential for such deal, now estimated at €3-5 million per annum.