Poker tour of stadiums

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Poker tour of stadiums Sports teams do it, rock bands do it- and even many of the world’s top poker players do it too. In recent years there has been a growing trend to hold big tournaments at some of the most iconic sports stadiums around the UK.


In recent years there has been a growing trend to hold big tournaments at some of the most iconic sports stadiums around the UK. After all they have all been the scene of dramatic sporting encounters in the past so they make a logical battle ground for the maestros of the poker table to take each other on for the highest of stakes.

So here are five of the most famous stadiums on the poker tour.

Wembley Stadium

Back in 2013 this, surely the UK’s most famous stadium, played host to a huge poker tournament which had a guaranteed first prize of 1,000,000 euros and which was won by Jakub Michalak. Of course the stadium’s been no stranger to huge sporting events over the years – the biggest of which must have been England winning the 1966 World Cup in the legendary final against Germany, not to mention countless other nail-biting internationals and FA Cup finals.

Stamford Bridge

Also in London, Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium also hosts a major poker tournament attracting players keen to hope that at least some of Roman Abramovich’s legendary wealth will rub off on them. The stadium itself is relatively modest – that’s why Chelsea have recently received planning permission to re-develop the site and build a new 60,000 seater home there. But it provides a great backdrop to any tournament with the added appeal of the club’s long and illustrious history behind it.

Old Trafford

Moving north, the Manchester United ground at Old Trafford is another popular poker venue. With a seating capacity of well over 75,000 it’s the largest Premier League ground in the country and the sense of history of the stadium is second to none. From Bobby Charlton in the 60’s to George Best in the 70s and David Beckham in the 90s it’s been the home of legendary players that are too many to count and is the perfect place for some equally epic poker tournaments.

St James’ Park

It may have had a controversial naming history thanks to the chairman Mike Ashley but St James’ Park has been the home of Newcastle United since 1892 and for a team called Newcastle Rangers for 12 years before then. It’s unusual for a ground as it’sone of the few located near the centre of a major city – ideal for any tournament players wanting a break from the poker to enjoy some of Newcastle’s legendary night life.

Hampden Park

Hampden Park is undoubtedly the Wembley Stadium of Scotland. Located a few miles to the north of Glasgow’s city centre it’s the home of the national team and also has a sizeable museum attached which tells the story of football in Scotland

So if these first rate venues have whetted your appetite for a taste of tournament play, then honing your skills online would be a great first step. Then it’s just a question of waiting for kick off . . .