Jakarta: Finally a breakthrough for Stadion BMW

source: StadiumDB.com

Jakarta: Finally a breakthrough for Stadion BMW Following almost five years of issues, Jakarta’s largest new stadium is expected to go ahead in 2017, 2018 at the latest.

It’s been deadlocked ever since presentation back in 2012. The new Stadion BMW in Jakarta, expected to hold 50,000 people, is now anticipated to go forward. During today’s meeting at the office Ministry of Youth and Sports of Indonesia it was announced that construction “will soon begin”.

Stadion BMW

While it may sound optimistically for supporters of Jakarta’s largest club, Persija, it’s not really a done deal yet. Stadion BMW has been marred by problems of financial nature and issues with land ownership in of the northern-district plot. Not all issues are resolved as of yet and funding in the 2017 budget is scarce, but if not this year, then next year the stadium is finally expected to get under construction.

Stadion BMW

Though Stadion BMW will be used as home to Persija, the building will not be owned or managed by the club. It will be financed by regional authorities who promise to keep it open to various event organizers, football or not.

Due to timing still not being settled, there is no chance that the stadium would be used for the 2018 Asian Games, which will be held in Jakarta. And just for the record, the stadium’s name is in no way associated with German car manufacturer, the abbreviation represents Bersih Manusiawi Wibawa.

Stadion BMW