Liverpool: Anfield to see capacity cut

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Liverpool: Anfield to see capacity cut After Old Trafford now it’s also happening at Anfield. Liverpool will lose up to 1,000 seats in order to accommodate more disabled supporters.


Liverpool FC today confirmed they’re ready to upgrade Anfield in terms of accessibility. Overall number of positions for wheelchair users is expected to grow from 195 to 250, while to locations and accessibility are to improve, including visiting disabled supporters in the away section.

Also, 150 amenity and easy access seats are to be created to cater for fans with reduced mobility. The structural improvements will also include creating new lift shafts, removing structural walls, recasting ramps to more accessible gradients and converting lounge space into raised disabled seating areas.

Anfield© Liverpool FC

Today’s announcement also means a capacity decrease at Anfield. Overall loss in regular seating capacity is estimated by LFC at 1,000. While most of the affected seats aren’t used by season ticket holders, some of Anfield’s regular visitors will need to relocate to other areas.

To run both the relocation and construction works, Liverpool have earmarked the 12-week period between two Premier League seasons this summer.

The Reds are only one of several Premier League clubs to announce similar moves in recent days. Most notably Manchester United and Stoke City are also improving their accessibility at the same time and it’s no coincidence. After it’s been revealed that English clubs are far from meeting the needs of disabled viewers, they largely pledged to remedy the situation by this August.