Eindhoven: PSV announce further works at Philips Stadion

source: AD.nl / ED.nl; author: michał

Eindhoven: PSV announce further works at Philips Stadion 2017 will bring more changes for at Philips Stadion. After the large standing section last year, now upgrades are planned in the south stand.


Ahead of the new season PSV Eindhoven announce changes at the South Stand’s Coen Dillen Promenade. This representative part of Philips Stadion will be expanded and other improvements of the catering and sanitary facilities are planned throughout the stadium.

That’s not the end of planned upgrades as PSV are also looking to build a new secondary stadium for their youth academy. All these plans come after last year they’ve spent some €500,000 on creation of the stadium’s first safe standing section in the lower east stand, replacing well over 3,000 bucket seats with foldable ones and railings (seen below).

Philips Stadion© VDL Seating Systems

In the past two seasons PSV managed to secure their 22nd and 23rd domestic championships, which improved club finances significantly. It’s also clear that many fans would welcome an expansion of the stadium’s capacity as the club sells out 28,000 to 29,000 season tickets every season, leaving just a few thousand tickets in open sale for both home and travelling supporters.

Worth mentioning, it’s the 17th consecutive season for PSV to enjoy attendance of over 90% per game!  Currently the figure is upwards of 95% despite the team falling to 3rd place domestically. Very stable ticket sales mean that roughly €8 million per year is secured by season ticket holders alone, regardless of other matchday revenue.