Washington DC: United’s final approval in February?

source: BizJournals.com; author: michał

Washington DC: United’s final approval in February? DC United still have to wait for their new stadium to get the green light. The club needs to address further questions from the Zoning Committee and Buzzard Point residents.


Last week the D.C. Zoning Comission voted 3-0-2 to move the Buzzard Point stadium plan toward final approval. While a step forward, some questions still remain and need to be addressed by DC United before actual construction work can begin.

The commission and team representatives will meet again on Feb. 16 to discuss final approval. In the meantime, commission Chairman Anthony Hood said he wants to see “some major work done” by the team to offer more details on transportation and environmental issues.

And he wants to see more communication between the D.C. Department of Transportation, environmental consultants and Andy Litsky, the advisory neighborhood commissioner for Buzzard Point.

DC United Stadium

There are still some fears over residents’ health during counstriction (for example, dust inhalation), though the MLS team assured this is already largely taken care of, perhaps not communicated to the local people well enough.

Also, there are fears over transportations on days when United could host games at the same time as nearby baseball team Washington Nationals. This might mean the two clubs would have to work together on their schedules, but no letter of intent assuring that has been signed yet.

Should final approval be granted in February, the MLS club might begin construction works in March. The 19,000-seat stadium will require 16 months to deliver, which means that opening could still take place around June or July 2018. Enabling works have been ongoing on the proposed location since April.