Germany: Finally, tender launched in Karlsruhe

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Germany: Finally, tender launched in Karlsruhe By the end of 2017 we should know the contractor of Karlsruhe’s new 35,000-capacity stadium. Demolition of Wildparkstadion and construction of the successor can begin in 2018.


It’s been over two years since it was established that there’s no use in trying to salvage the aging Wildparkstadion. Instead a new football-specific one will be built. Today finally the Europe-wide tender was launched.

Companies from across the continent are invited to present their willingness and portfolio to apply for invitation by January 23. One of the criteria is having at least one stadium for 15,000 people (no less than 3,000 seated) delivered.

WildparkstadionFot: Sven Scharr

The city of Karlsruhe will select between 3 and 6 contenders who will proceed to the next stage on February 22. From that point they will get until the summer to deliver offers for the new 35,000-capacity stadium. Following evaluation, selected bidders will enter negotiations with the municipality and by the end of 2017 the contract should be signed.

The tender isn’t focused only on reaching the lowest possible price for the stadium. Cost is indeed the biggest criterion with 45% of the evaluation, but functionality follows with 35%, architectural quality with 17.5% and finally ecology and sustainability with 7.5%.

Should the tender end as planned, we may expect groundbreaking in 2018. Detailed time frame will depend on agreement with the contractor. The municipality capped expected budget at €76.8 million and will not accept more expensive proposals.