Florence: Fiorentina submit design, but don’t reveal it

source: Gazzetta.it / QUInewsFirenze.it; author: michał

Florence: Fiorentina submit design, but don’t reveal it We were hoping for renderings, but have to wait a bit longer. Still, the 40,000-seat stadium for Fiorentina is now officially under analysis of municipal planning committee.


Yesterday in the evening Fiorentina have submitted full dossier of their future stadium in north-western Florence. Just in time, because the club had deadline set on December 31, 2016.

We were hoping, based on previous signals, that renderings of the stadium would be revealed on the occasion, but this hasn’t happened. According to Fiorentina’s latest comments, such move may follow in January, when city officials will already be looking into the documents.


Things that haven’t changed are the stadium’s location in the place of current Mercafir wholesale market and capacity of 40,000 seats. While football-specific, the stadium is expected to be a versatile venue for other events as well.

The city hall confirmed delivery of the dossier. “Now we begin the analysis. I would say the bureaucratic path may be done in 2017, 2018 is time for tendering and 2019 for construction, combined with relocation of Mercafir. I would expect the first game to be played there in 2021”, said Lorenzo Perra, chief of the urban planning committee.

Stadio Fiorentina / Marcafir