Rotterdam: Feyenoord asks fans about their stadium desires

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Rotterdam: Feyenoord asks fans about their stadium desires From Monday onwards supporters of Feyenoord can list their desires and expectations for the new 63,000-capacity stadium. Consultation results should be known in mid-December.


Throughout Monday thousands of email accounts in the Netherlands received and important message. Season ticket holders, supporters trust members and other subscribers of Feyenoord were asked to fill in a survey concerning the planned transition from old De Kuip to the new stadium, partly built on water.

Fans won’t be able to select its location, that’s already settled, but their feedback may matter regarding even as basic figure as the final capacity of the new stadium. Fans are also asked which features define their stadium experience, what they cherish at De Kuip and would like to replicate after relocation.

Stadion Feyenoord

Outcome of the survey should be known in mid-December, after it’s processed by the Feyenoord City project team. Of course not all proposals can be implemented, but the feedback may prove helpful when creating the final concept of what the new stadium should represent to its most frequent visitors.

At present the new stadium only has an outline design and actual construction won’t happen before 2018 at the earliest. Feyenoord’s relocation will cost €400-500 million and is part of a much greater plan aimed at revitalization of the entire area.