Italy: Will FC Bari leave their Copa 90 stadium?

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Italy: Will FC Bari leave their Copa 90 stadium? Current tenancy deal ends in mid-2017. Can FC Bari abandon their current stadium afterwards? This may prove likely if the dilapidating stadium isn’t renovated…


It’s been an intense several days in Bari, especially regarding Stadio San Nicola. On a rather amusing note, cleaning services went through the building’s facilities and found litter dating back to the 1990 World Cup (26 years!). Add to that resurfacing news of the stadium’s roof being torn by wind and you get an idea of just how outdated and neglected it is.

But in more serious news, president of FC Bari Cosmo Giancaspro threatens that his club may leave the stadium after the current season. FC Bari’s tenancy contract with the municipality runs out in June 2017 and what happens after that date is yet to be defined.

Stadio San Nicola

The city is working on a new operation model, planning an open tender for stadium management concession. This would suggest longer duration (no less than a few years) and private investment into the ground.

What happens if no interested party is found remains an open question. FC Bari themselves might go for an agreement, though even a third party would have to assure that the club could play their games at Stadio San Nicola.

Recently the club president applied to actually live at the stadium (it offers two apartments), but such move would raise questions. At this point Stadio San Nicola is not a residential building by designated use, therefore no-one could legally live there.

Which raised concerns over the Ciccarelli family (Pasquale Ciccarelli is the stadium’s caretaker) who have been living there for years. While it seems the overwhelming sentiment in local media and among fans is for Ciccarellis to stay there, they might be forced to relocate…