Italy: Bari stadium tearing apart

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Italy: Bari stadium tearing apart Though it was designed by one of the best architects, it’s no longer a reason for pride. Stadio San Nicola is increasingly concerning as its state is gradually deteriorating.


In late February strong wind led to a huge tear in one of the roof segments over east stand of Stadio San Nicola in Bari. The torn part will be removed, but not replaced.

Shockingly, it’s already the ninth large part of the roof to be obliterated by high winds. And more shockingly, the first accident of this kind happened in January of 2012.

Yet to this day no remedy has been found as there is no agreement between municipal authorities and now-second-league AS Bari as to who should cover the cost! According to a recent piece in La Repubblica, there is no agreement on the horizon.

While the roof is a spectacular example, there are more serious issues. The stadium overall has been neglected in recent years and is in need of urgent repairs. Instead, it’s only maintained enough to meet minimum requirements.

Stadio San Nicola was opened in 1990 as part of the Copa ’90 host list. It’s among the largest in Italy, though the immense size is among issues for its current despair: the building is simply far too large for domestic sports needs and facilities are heavily outdated. That said, architecturally the stadium is an interesting creation by Italy’s famous Renzo Piano.

Stadio San Nicola© Bari Club Capurso