USA: All-time record for the smaller football

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USA: All-time record for the smaller football On Saturday American football celebrated by far the largest crowd in history. Still far behind association football, the American branch seems to be the only one still growing in crowd size.


You may recall that we recently added a stadium that isn’t entirely consistent with our website’s criteria. While Bristol Motor Speedway is not formally a football stadium, it’s the world’s largest fully enclosed sports venue and has had football traditions reaching as far back as 1961, when there was a field inside the racetrack.

Last weekend the tradition was brought back to life after 19 days of preparations. Bristol Motor Speedway hosted football again after over 400 truckloads of sand and rocks were brought inside the racetrack to create basis for temporary football field. Laid under new, hovering giants screens the turf will only serve for two games before the building is converted back to NASCAR configuration.

Bristol Motor Speedway© Earl Neikirk

But before that could happen, BMS was able to hold the largest American football game in history. Last Saturday 156,990 people watched as Tennessee Volunteers defeated Virginia Tech Hokies in the exhibition clash named Battle at Bristol.

This wasn’t only the largest game in history, it exceeded the previous game by over 40,000 people! Since 2013 the record was 115,109 at Michigan Stadium, rightly nicknamed The Big House.

Bristol Motor Speedway© shutterbugluv88

There’s one more game planned at Bristol Motor Speedway this weekend before it’s converted again to a racetrack. While there’s no certainty if American football would be played here in the future, it’s worth noting that American football is now second only to association football in terms of record attendance. And it’s the only football code still on the rise. Check out all-time records in other major football codes below:

PlaceFootball code
 1  Association football   Maracana  199,854 16/06/1950
 2  American football   Bristol Motor Speedway  156,990 10/09/2016
 3  Australian football  Anglia Melbourne Cricket Ground  121,696 26/09/1970
 4  Rugby union   ANZ Stadium  109,874 15/07/2000
 5  Rugby league   ANZ Stadium  107,558 26/09/1999
 6  Gaelic football   Croke Park  90,566 24/09/1961
 7  Canadian football   Montreal Olympic Stadium  69,093 09/09/1977