Norway: 300 students to live at Brann stadium

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Norway: 300 students to live at Brann stadium This unique partnership might see a new grandstand added to the SK Brann stadium in Norway. Up to 300 students might live in dormitories at the stadium.


According to recent news by the Bergens Tidende newspaper, SK Brann reached an agreement with local students’ association to build dormitories into the club’s stadium. They would come along with new main grandstand, replacing the most dated side of the stadium (in the foreground below).

Brann Stadion

Building a new grandstand alone is not that much surprising, but the fact that it might offer 250-300 beds for students is surely a rarity among European football clubs. Brann would reportedly finance the latest expansion, but would then see the dormitories bought for local students, recouping a portion of the investment.

Exact information about the new stand hasn’t been released as of yet, but the stadium’s proximity to Høgskolen i Bergen (Bergen University & College) may prove extremely helpful in constructing the financial model. Aside from being just 200 meters away from the campus, the stadium is also well-connected with the rest of the city of Bergen.

Brann SK are currently hopeful of reestablishing themselves as one of Norway’s strongest teams. The club is returning after relegation and after 23 rounds just a point below Europa League spot.