Kaliningrad: 20-meter “Aquaman” sculpture decorating World Cup stadium?

source: StadiumDB.com

Kaliningrad: 20-meter “Aquaman” sculpture decorating World Cup stadium? It’s a particularly controversial idea when considering how strained the World Cup funding is in Kaliningrad. Still, there is a plan of building a 20-meter sculpture near it.

During the latest Kaliningrad planning committee session on Thursday a new concept was presented. Architect Oleg Kopylov suggested erecting a large sculpture welcoming fans to the 2018 World Cup host stadium, at the end of the Sunny Boulevard.

The sculpture, built with steel tubes to seem lightweight. Lit at night in multiple colors, the monument would depict a player in motion. Due to his location in a small pond, the figure was dubbed as “Aquaman” by the author, somewhat linked to the identity of Baltika football club and maritime traditions of Kaliningrad.

Kopylov’s monument would be of significant height, reaching 20 meters (66 feet). As the architect explained, “it should correspond to the stadium, which is a height of 30-40 meters, because there won’t be any other objects around. If you make it 10-meter, it will look like a dwarf. Even 20 meters is too little for it, but so far this is the best size”.

Kaliningrad’s chief architect Vyacheslav Genne stressed while talking to the media that this is only an idea and not one endorsed by the authorities at this point. Funding hasn’t been granted for this project and money seems to be the biggest obstacle that might arise. We should keep in mind that Kaliningrad’s stadium was downsized dramatically following financial shortfall and tight deadlines.

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