Turkey: Ramadan isn’t stopping works in Malatya

source: EmlakKulisi.com

Turkey: Ramadan isn’t stopping works in Malatya After many months of delays now even Ramadan isn’t slowing down works that finally resumed in Malatya. The new stadium is expected for completion later this year.

Already early into 2016 most of the steel roof of Malatya Arena was complete. But as time was passing, less and less work was carried out in spring, ending with the contractor being replaced.

Since mid-2015 works had been on hold until December, when a new contractor was appointed. Now progress is visible on a daily basis and the stadium’s primary roof structure should be ready by the end of June. Already now all of the main girders are in place, as seen below.

Malatya Arena

In July the stadium should begin to see first of 25,000 seats installed. Overall the expected completion date is set for November, which suggests opening early into 2017 for the 2nd-league team Yeni Malatyaspor.

Initial cost estimates had put the project at TRY 60-75 million, but following the contractor change it’s bound to increase. The new construction deal alone will cost 40 million. At this point we’re unable to give a specific figure that should be expected.

The modern stadium is officially under construction since 2012 and was initially hoped to be ready in 2014. Despite rather simple structure, it should be able to boost Malatyaspor’s profile and revenue, especially if the 26 planned private boxes get leased.

Malatya Arena