Atlanta: Mercedes-Benz Stadium ready in a year


Atlanta: Mercedes-Benz Stadium ready in a year A year from Wednesday, in June 2017, construction on the Atlanta Falcons' new stadium will be complete, according to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium general manager, Scott Jenkins.

The completion date is actually a few months later than originally planned. It's been confirmed early into 2016 that the structure is 3 months behind initial schedule. Jenkins attributed that delay to the complexity of the stadium's design.

"The fixed roof is massive but on top of that sits an operable roof like no one that's been built before. And in the opening of the roof sits the world's largest score board," said Jenkins. "So there's all kinds of features in this building that make it very unique and challenging."

Jenkins said building a structure of Mercedes-Benz Stadium's size in the middle of a city also brings challenges. Eighteen thousand tons of steel are being used to make the stadium's roof and facade, he said.

The Falcons are set to play in the stadium a few months after the stadium's completion in fall of 2017. The stadium has recently been selected to host Super Bowl 2019 and will be among the most unique structures in the world. Its retractable roof will consist of 8 moving petals, closing above over 71,000 fans (with option of expansion).

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium