Milan: San Siro upgraded for €30 million

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Milan: San Siro upgraded for €30 million Massive upgrade was carried out recently at Italy’s biggest stadium, though some works are still to come. With latest improvements the stadium now received 5 stars from UEFA.


Over the last 5 years €30 million ($34m) has been invested in modernizing works at San Siro. Italy’s most impressive and legendary stadium is now fully compliant with UEFA regulations.

Just yesterday the building received its fifth star from UEFA, being rated four earlier this week. Following the latest UEFA evaluation it’s now graded 81/85 (a stadium needs 77 to reach 5 stars).

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During tomorrow’s Champions League final Diego Simeone and Zinedine Zidane and their players will seat in luxurious new substitute’s benches covered with glass. These facilities are in one row with numerous VIP suites that now put players within hand’s reach to invited guests.

Remaining player amenities were also improved, including a new entry tunnel. But the recent works were most focused on providing new corporate hospitality areas. Lower tier now ends with skyboxes and a semi-open business section in the north-western corner. Four new lounges are also available, along with improved existing VIP section.

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Journalists will have 900 seats in the dedicated press section in upper west stand, though the area will be downsized to 250 after this weekend. Eight new TV studios are created temporarily in the north stand, reducing capacity. This solution might be continued in the long term, pending consideration by both tenant-clubs.

Regular fans will also benefit from the changes. 50 new bathrooms, improved paintwork and public areas, 100 additional wheelchair places and new bars (7 now, will grow to 11 after the CL final).

What will the future bring?

As recently as March both AC Milan and Inter were reported to be in talks regarding possible tenancy and mutual commitment to gradual improvements at the stadium. This of course follows the failed Portello stadium project. However, more recently rumours of another stadium scheme by Milan began surfacing. If so, Inter would claim San Siro alone.