Leipzig: RB to decide on stadium by year end

source: LVZ.de; author: michał

Leipzig: RB to decide on stadium by year end They’d either expand their current home or relocate outside city limits. Decision will be made by Red Bull after first months of the hated club in Bundesliga.


The most controversial club in Germany has its place in Bundesliga secured one game before season end. They may have lost the first spot, but are certain of promotion with 5-point lead over 1. FC Nürnberg.

Ahead of the historic 2016/17 campaign, RB Leipzig are enhancing their stadium by increasing section for the press and upgrading electric systems for broadcast to meet Bundesliga regulation. This shows how much has changed since the building was opened in 2004.


“It’s not a stadium built for league games, but for the 2006 World Cup. This shows in regular use”, said RB-chief Oliver Mintzlaff. And while authorities in Leipzig are certain the stadium should be sufficient, long-term use will require major changes.

At this point RB have a feasibility study for expansion, along which the stadium might be enlarged to 57,000 capacity without major issues. But there’s also a possibility of relocation outside city limits. Of the two plots considered earlier it would be north-western area of Schkeuditz, just beside the international airport and highway number 14.

Decision upon any of those scenarios is expected by the end of 2016 and first months in Bundesliga may be crucial to which option is selected. At this point RB have already almost sold out their VIP packages, even as they doubled the pricing! The club expects sell-out crowds for virtually every game and number of supporters demanding tickets will indicate the potential RB might have.