Buenos Aires: Violence during La Bombonera meeting

source: AFP / Boca es Pueblo / Diario26.com; author: michał

Buenos Aires: Violence during La Bombonera meeting Supporters opposing the demolition of La Bombonera were attacked by an angry mob. Two people were hospitalized, one with knife cuts to the neck. Fans claim this was attempted murder to intimidate them.


Wednesday evening saw residents of Comuna 4 discuss the issue of land sale to Boca Juniors. Local residents and supporters gathered in relation to plans of building a new stadium on 32,000 square meters adjacent Casa Amarilla.

With many Boca Juniors supporters defending the aging La Bombonera, club’s plans face opposition and criticism. On Wednesday the meeting was interrupted by an angry mob attacking fans from Boca es Pueblo (Boca is the People), a group against the new stadium.

Several people were hurt, two of them hospitalized. Perhaps luckiest was a 25-year-old man who was cut in the neck with a knife (or other sharp object). Boca es Pueblo calls the attack “attempted homicide” on its members.

The fans claim they weren’t attacked by other Boca supporters who might be in favour of the new stadium. Instead attention is switched to political activists from PRO, the ruling party connected with current Boca Juniors executives.