Vienna: Rapid’s great season ticket demand

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Vienna: Rapid’s great season ticket demand In just four days of closed presale Rapid managed to sell 10,000 season tickets for their new home. Open sale will begin on Monday, but not many season tickets will be left.


Yesterday Rapid Wien confirmed the sale of season ticket no. 10,000 for the upcoming 2016/17 Bundesliga campaign, first at the new stadium. It was certain the club would reach such level, but few would have risked predicting that it would happen after just 4 days of closed presale, 3 months before the actual season!  

The scale of Rapid’s demand exceeded expectations, possibly even those of Rapid. The club previously put a cap on season tickets, allowing the sale of only 15,000 in a 28,000-capacity stadium. There’s still room to release some more, though it’s unclear whether the team would do it.

What is certain, is that people joining the season ticket campaign on open sale launch (Monday) will have very limited options. There are literally only a few season tickets left for the main western grandstand. Only around 700 were left for the terraced north end, where most vocal fans will gather.

Extra incentive for fans to buy season tickets is the priority in buying tickets for Allianz Stadion opening. The new stadium’s first game will be held on July 16 and further details will be released next week.

At this point, roughly 15 months after groundbreaking, Allianz Stadion is structurally almost ready. Outer cladding is being installed, last sections of the roof sheeting need to be mounted as well. Now it’s time for installations and furnishing works, as well as seat installation at the €53-million venue.

Allianz Stadion© SK Rapid Wien