Turkey: Passolig to stay, even if limited

source: FansEurope.org / Taraf-Der; author: michał

Turkey: Passolig to stay, even if limited In the second verdict regarding supporters’ application against the Passolig card system Ankara’s consumer court had a less positive decision for fans than they expected.


Yesterday the 14th Consumer Court of Ankara gave its decision on the Passolig fan ID card system. It had to decide on it after supporters launched a complaint against the bank-operated system. After last year’s great verdict by Turkey’s Constitutional Court one might expect the system to be overthrown, but that wasn’t the case yesterday.

The Court decided to allow Passolig to function further, however limiting the use of fan information database to strict needs of the system. There can be no sharing of the data with third parties, which runs along the decision of the Constitutional Court to some extent. The difference is how “third party” is understood.

Under the interpretation of supporters and Constitutional Court, Aktifbank (Passolig operator) is already a third party between fans buying tickets and clubs selling them. Under the interpretation of Consumer Court in Ankara, Aktifbank is not a third party as operator of a major database.

This difference in understanding is why the supporter federation Taraf-Der announced they will appeal. Which means the 2-year long conflict will go on further, seeing limited attendances and tensions between fans and authorities.