Germany: Kiel stadium to (almost) double capacity

source:; author: michał

Germany: Kiel stadium to (almost) double capacity City council in German city of Kiel approved the expansion of Holstein-Stadion. Currently at over 11,000 people, the building will eventually be able to hold 22,000 fans.


Late last week city councilors of Kiel (capital of Schleswig-Holstein) voted in favour of Holstein-Stadion expansion scheme. It would see the building expanded to hold 15,000 people in the first phase (enough for 2. Bundesliga) with 3,000 seats. Later additional sections would be added to reach 22,000.

Current capacity of the stadium is 11,386 people and is sufficient, because local club Holstein Kiel are playing in the 3. Liga. But should they advance forward, investment from the city council would be inevitable if they were to remain in town.

Additional facilities planned along the new stands will include a multi-storey car park able to hold 1,500 vehicles.