Germany: City to buy back Stadion Dresden?

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Germany: City to buy back Stadion Dresden? Neither Dynamo, nor Dresden authorities are happy with current management model of Stadion Dresden. According to Morgenpost Sachsen, there’s a plan to re-municipalize the stadium.


Since 1990s the home of Dynamo Dresden has been a municipal stadium, but since reconstruction in 2009 it’s under management of a private company, Stadion Dresden Projektgesellschaft. According to current contract, the company will operate the building for 30 years since reopening.

But at this point neither Dynamo, nor the city of Dresden are satisfied with the deal’s financial conditions. The municipality still has to cover significant chunk of generated costs, while Dynamo are paying a hefty lease. According to official estimates, taxpayers might save up to €500,000 annually if the building was serviced by municipal companies, including energy supply.

According to Morgenpost Sachsen there’s a unilateral agreement in the city council, which would see the city buying back the €42-million stadium.

Stadion DresdenPhoto: Kolossos